Welcome To The Happy House Organic Farm Philippines

    Carol, Kyra and David

    Soak in the abundant
    organic farm paradise
    that we are creating here
    1km easy walk to the sea,
    in the middle of Luzon,
    just a simple bus trip
    north of Manila.

    The best way to be with us
    is to join us on one of
    our regular
    ‘Create The Life You Want’ courses.

    Alternatively you can join us
    on a volunteer work exchange
    or as an Organic Farm Stay guest
    (for Filipinos only)

    How To Visit Happy House Organic Farm

    Come as an organic farm stay guest. Come for the weekend (min 2 nights) or longer. Bring your family, help out and enjoy nature in a kiddy friendly environment.

    Come as a casual work exchange volunteer guest - min stay 7 nights. There’s a nominal contribution of 500 pesos per person per night to cover accommodation and food.

    Come for one of our regular weekend trainings: Create The Life You Want courses – enjoy nature – stay at the farm or in a local resort hotel – inclusive of all meals

    View From The Sky In Summer

    dry season


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    Contact Us Direct

    To contact us right now via email :
    [david] at [happy] [house] [farm].  [com]
    remove the spaces and brackets and replace at with @

    Where Happy House Organic Farm Is Located In Philippines

    We’re located at the top of a hill with panoramic views all around, overlooking the Ocean in a small rice farming village called Gomut.

    Just a few kilometers off the main national highway we are easily accessible by bus from Manila to Baguio or San Fernando La Union.

    Recent Comments From Our Organic Farm Work Exchange Volunteers


    My time was limited so my stay was only a week with David and Carol at their special Happy House organic farm in La Union, northern Philippines and yet it was such a great experience that I took so much from.

    They’re a hugely welcoming family and wider community in a beautiful home nested in a beautiful valley on top of the hill overlooking the Ocean. They have a strong grasp of what it really takes to live naturally and organically, are a basket-full of meaningful knowledge and ideas that they love sharing with the guests that come to stay.

    Thanks guys, would genuinely love to come back and next time I will stay longer. Lee

    LeeIsle Man
    Stacy and Santiago

    We loved our 8 day stay at the Happy House Farm. David works so hard to revitalise the land and stabalise the organic property and he’s really knowledgeable about organic farming practices giving us useful feedback as we worked, letting us know how we can do things easier and faster, but in the end he let us know when we got it right.

    Carol is an amazing host  and a pure genius in the kitchen making up her own recipes and creating great meals. She is so kind, and knows a lot about the surrounding area around the farm seeing she grew up in a small farming village just 20km away.  We learned so much fro Carol. She shared her recipes with us too and we are eager to try them out soon!

    Little Kyra, David and Carol’s under 2 year old daughter, was the cherry on the top for our visit. She’s such a happy-go-lucky, caring and kind child and of course a massive bundle of energy – we really enjoyed our time with her.

    David, Carol, and Kyra made us feel like family from our very first night at the Happy House. Even though at times the work was hard it was meaningful and diverse, and never boring. We definitely recommend this experience to other travellers!

    We are wait to come back in the future and we will be excited to see just how much the farm has changed :)
    Thanks again for everything!!

    Stacy and SantiagoUSA & Uruguay

    The Happy House Farm was a wonderful experience for me and although I only stayed 1 week, but it was still action packed!

    We had a different project to do each day and within the week we got all the things on our to-do-list completed successfully.

    This family is so accommodating! They are very kind and have great plans for the upcoming future.

    David will provide plenty of insight into farming and energy while Carol is a lovely warm woman and a super amazing cook. Kyra their young daughter, is such a joyful bundle of life.

    Be prepared to work hard and enjoy the feeling of a great sense of accomplishment at the end of the day as a result. It was also really great to interact and connect with other locals in the area and get to visit the local market place in Rosario. I do hope to return one day soon.

    MadelineNew York